Friday, March 26, 2010

Health Improvement

Two recent articles of interest concerning food:
The first is great news for promoting healthy (or healthier) eating in America. As part of the health care bill passed Monday and signed by Obama on Tuesday, restaurants chains, notably fast food eateries, will be required to post nutrition facts about foods they're selling us. Hopefully this will cause consumers to realize just how bad certain foods are, and perhaps surprise them at the unhealthiness of certain supposedly good-for-you items, like some salads at fast food chains that have more calories than some of their burgers!

Secondly, this blog post about food subsidies in America shows how backward the US's current agricultural policy is. Rather than subsidizing items with marginal nutritional content, America should subsidize and encourage growing fruits and vegetables. This could go a long way to changing the eating habits of Americans by making healthy foods more affordable and unhealthy foods more costly.

Leave a comment and let me know your opinions and ideas on these issues!


  1. all i know is that no piece of legislation can stop me from popeye's fried and buttery deliciousness.

  2. Haha...I don't want to stop you though! Since I know you don't eat that on a regular basis. But those who eat so unhealthily on a daily basis need to change their eating habits for their own good and for society's good (especially regarding huge health costs). Making healthy food cheaper is a perfect way to encourage such behavior. And, the whole time, you will be able to enjoy your delectable oil, butter and salt!

  3. We've had some customers mad at us for having our caloric count posted on our new menus. Panera's been voted as #1 healthiest on the go by someone...i chuckle eachtime i read that on my way to work lol

  4. Haha...why are customers mad? What's their reasoning?